About the complex - Restaurant


Our ancient city attracts tourists not only as the birthplace of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, the cradle of the Russian fleet and the center of architectural masterpieces, many of which celebrated the Millennium anniversary.
A trip to Pereslavl is a great chance to taste delicious dishes of European and Russian cuisine. We are pleased to inform regular and new guests of the apart-hotel "Pereyaslavskaya Sloboda" about the long - awaited event-the opening of a new restaurant.

According to the laws of hospitality

The restaurant offers traditional Russian and European delicacies, among which are: thick soups, roast rabbit, pike-perch po-kupecheski, cheese platter, salad with farm cheese, assorted caviar and Nicoise salad.

Here you will find a huge selection of freh and hot drinks, which are represented by berry fruit drinks and kvass, aromatic coffee and the best brands of black, green tea, as well as healing herbal infusions.

But the main item on the menu of our restaurant is hospitality, which has long been a famous feature of Russian feasts.

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Six reasons to visit our restaurant

A common room for 60 people and a Banquet hall for 30 people are at your disposal. There is a tent for outdoor activities for 60 people.

Point of Attraction in Pereslavl

Restaurant and hotel complex "Pereslavl Sloboda" friendly stretches within a beautiful place of the Golden ring of Russia, near the shores of Pleshcheyev lake. It has everything you need to have fun to celebrate a holiday or just relax to your content. The complex includes: comfortable apartments, a chic restaurant, Russian banya with a steam room, swimming pool and spa. To eat at a generous table, take a steam bath and spend the night in a cozy room is a perfect combination, isn’t it?

Residents and guests of Pereslavl no longer need to think about what restaurant to choose for a delicious dinner, banquet or any other celebration. We invite everyone to appreciate the excellent taste of our treats and relax in a comfortable environment.