Banya and sauna

The apartment complex «Preslav Sloboda»
invites everyone to relax with a true Russian scale
and take a steam bath.

No connoisseur of relax will refuse to visit a banya (Russian national sauna) or a sauna away from the bustle of the city. These establishments guarantee not only spending an unforgettable time, but also improving your health. The Russian people have preserved many traditions. Some of them have long been forgotten, while others are still common. One of these traditions is taking a steam bath in a banya. Its benefit to the health of human body is known since ancient times. It is believed that washing with water in banya guarantees youth, excellent health, beauty, cheerfulness, clarity of mind and a pleasant skin color.

In the banya you can not only improve your health, but also organize various activities. In this place, many people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and other events. Moreover, corporate parties are held here or people just relax with close friends. It creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes a positive impact on people's health. Thanks to banya you can relax your nervous system. It calms down and relieves stress, which we experience so often in your everyday life!

Let's listen to the experience of our ancestors and discover the beauty of the healing effects of steam, the magical atmosphere of steam room and a wonderful sense of encouragement.

Here you can get real pleasure by visiting a sauna, a spa pool or a font. The recreation room has a fully equipped kitchen, TV, karaoke. Barbecue facilities can be rented on site.

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How can we imagine banya without a besom?

This attribute is useful in the steam room, because it can be used to make an effective body massage. It acts as a tonic and drug, because it activates blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and opens the pores of the skin. If there is no besom it can be purchased in our apart-hotel. Here we also offer another important attribute - a bathrobe.


Banya and sauna are clean and well-cared for, so even the most fastidious persons can visit them. You can come here with friends, relatives, colleagues, beloved ones or others. After relaxing in the hot air in the steam room you can wake yourself up with the icy water. Such sharp temperature changes not only increase the tone, but also are an effective preventive measure against colds. A well-equipped recreation room makes it possible to have fun here. There is a TV, kitchen and karaoke, thanks to which the rest becomes unforgettable. Jacuzzi, in turn, will win hearts of all the guests because of its effective hydro massage.

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